Quality Control

Quality Control

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    ISO certificate

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    3D tester

QC/Technical Support:For testing, we use high-precision profile projection machines, microcomputer color testers, rubbing testers(Norman RCA tester), actuation force tester in graphics, life testers, scales with digital display, curing testers, laser micro-processing instruments, and hardness meters.
QC Staff:More than 99
Procedures/testing Details:We test our materials and components pre-production and then at every subsequent stage. We check each product again before delivery to assure the highest quality of products.

Testing equipment is developed inhouse, imported, subcontracted or is used via independent laboratories. Examples of these precision instruments include:

  • Life duration tester

  • Actuation force test machine graphics

  • Projecting apparatus

  • Color scanner

Other Information:QC workflow:
  • Initial QC

  • Initial product QC

  • Final QC

  • Overall QC

  • Quality assurance