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    An overview of the plant in Shenzhen

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    Longmen factory of WIN

Total area of:90000 square meters(968748 square feet)
Built in:1978
Production Staff:1,000 to 1,499
QC Staff:More than 99
R&D Staff:10 to 19
Site Advantages/Description:We are advantageously situated in the Science and Industry Park, a high-tech area. The factory is also just 20 minutes away from Shekou customs and 30 minutes away from the biggest land port in Shenzhen, the Ruhu customs.
Materials/Components:Sourced from Japan (30%), the US (30%), Taiwan area (30%) and mainland China (10%).
Machinery/Production Process:We have expanded our factory to include 19 sets of CNCs, 24 sets of EDMs, 81 sets of compressors, and other equipment. This factory also makes tools for a variety of plastic parts/cases and silicone rubber keypads at our in-house tooling shop, and manufacture thereof from hot compression, injection, silkscreen printing, painting to finished products with various testing methods.
Other Information:Established in 1978, we moved our mass production of silicone rubber keypads from Taiwan area to mainland China. With strong capabilities and an integrated operational system, we also manufacture remote controls from design, tooling, silkscreen printing for housings/keypads and nameplates, PCB layout, assembly line to finished remote controls at the basis of CE approval.